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THS Fundraising Opportunities

Box Tops For Education
We are in the process of signing up with Box Tops for Education so it is not too early to clip and save!  THS will collect box tops at certain times of the year and send them in for redemption.  Each physical box top is worth 10 cents to THS.  Consider asking your friends and family members for their box tops, too.

Electronic box tops, also worth 10 cents, are available by shopping online through the Box Tops website, www.btfe.com.  Sign up and shop through the website at stores such as Wal-Mart, Lands’ End, Barnes and Noble, and others to earn redeemable points for THS.   

Labels for Education
Please take the time to clip “Labels for Education” found on Campbell’s Soup, Pepperidge Farm, Glad, Dannon, and other grocery products.  THS will collect these labels to earn merchandise for our school.  Learn more by visiting www.labelsforeducation.com.

eBay® now offers a way to donate proceeds from sales to non-profit organizations.  So, instead of donating your used items to Goodwill, sell them on eBay® and send proceeds directly to THS!  A THS parents has graciously offered their time to sell your items on eBay® and donate the money to THS.  Most anything can be sold on the site – clothes, household goods, antiques, jewelry, shoes, cars and boats.  Items should be in good condition.  Contact us at info@thehabershamschool.org if you would like to donate your items to sell on eBay® or if you know someone who sells on eBay® who would like to donate proceeds to THS.

Publix Cards
THS is now a part of the Publix Partners Program which is designed to give parents, relatives, and friends an opportunity to help raise funds for their school.  Key chain cards with our school name and account number on them are available.  The process is very simple: just present this card to the cashier whenever you make a purchase at Publix.  Have the cashier swipe your card before the end of the sale as redemptions cannot be recorded after totaling the order!  Publix then credits THS’s account with every dollar our participants spend.  At the end of each quarter, Publix will award THS $250 for every $37,500 spent.  The more our school supporters shop at Publix and present their cards, the more money THS will receive!  To get your card, contact Susan Barry at sbarry@thehabershamschool.org.


  1. Barbara H. Evans says:

    I cannot find the school listed with electronic box tops with the ability to shop at WalMart, Lands’ End, etc.

  2. thssav says:

    We are in the process of signing up with Box Tops for Education. Once we complete the sign up process you should find us listed.

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