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Habersham PreK-3

The Habersham School is excited to announce a PreK-3 class beginning in the fall of 2013. This additional PreK class will introduce three-year-olds to the vibrant Habersham culture: the classical academic core, routines and traditions, rich literature, songs, and of course, development of key 3-year-old skills through fine and gross motor development.

Recognizing the need for young children to explore the world around them, as well as, their remarkable ability to learn valuable truths through song, repetition, and recitation, the PreK3 class will follow the same proven educational philosophy central to the grammar, logic, and rhetoric schools of Habersham. Core curriculum will emphasize letters, numbers, pre-reading, recitation, memory of beautiful Scripture and poetry, songs, and many hands-on activities, field trips, etc.

Habersham will offer a unique flexibility in schedule for families of PreK-3 students, including a 5-day option from 8:15am-1pm, or the option of choosing any other two days of the week, plus Fridays recommended for all. Fridays will serve as a special day for more detailed projects, field trips, and unique activities that reinforce that week’s learning. Additionally, a fun time of after care will be available from 1-3pm.

PreK-3 Scheduling Options & Tuition:

3-day Option: 8:15-1:00pm
Choose any two days per week, plus Friday
Tuition: $2,650

3-day Option All Day: 8:15-3:00pm
Choose any two days per week, plus Friday
with extended play time until 3pm
Tuition: $3,350

5-day Option: 8:15-1:00pm
Tuition: $4,100

5-day Option All Day: 8:15-3:00pm
with extended play time until 3pm
Tuition: $5,300

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