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The Gould Cottage

The Habersham School is officially the new owner of historic Gould Cottage in beautiful Ardsley Park. Over the past year, school administration and Board members have worked tenaciously to close the deal with banks and the city to transform the spacious Tudor-style Gould Cottage as a rich setting for students from Pre-K(3) through 12th grade.

“This is a significant day for The Habersham School, as well as for the city of Savannah,” said Chip Welch, Head of School. “The opportunity to restore a landmark like The Gould Cottage and return to the roots of its own tradition as a building for children is truly remarkable. We are grateful for this moment.”

The cottage has a rich history, dating to the early 1930s when millionaire Edwin “Jay” Gould of New York City and his Gould Foundation for Children donated the land to the Savannah Female Orphan Asylum for a children’s nursery. Many Savannah natives have a fond attachment to the site and remember its long history as a home for boys and girls.

The Habersham School plans three stages of architectural renovations to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building’s façade and bring it to code with city regulations for running a school. Stage one renovations will begin immediately and are scheduled for completion by early August 2013, allowing the school to relocate before the beginning of of the upcoming school year.

“One of the reasons we sought this location was the beauty of the building,” said Principal Angie Copetillo.“As a classical school featuring Latin, the Great Books, and integrated disciplines of science mathematics, and theology, aesthetics and architecture are important. Gould’s architectural style mimics the culture of our school.”

Habersham opened its doors in the fall of 2012 as the first full-day Classical Christian School in Savannah. Anticipating approximately 35 students in its initial projections, Habersham currently enrolls more than 70 students, doubling its first-year estimates. Recently, the school attained a remarkable achievement of 100% re-enrollment during its early registration period.

The Habersham vision is to restore the time-honored tradition of Classical education, where students are taught to question, to investigate, to dialogue, and to create, combined with an unapologetic commitment to the truth of Christ. Habersham focuses on teaching students how to learn so they retain their love of learning. Children study great works of literature, the great discoveries of math and science, and the great ideas and figures of Western civilization, combined with a disciplined study of classical languages.

Habersham is now accepting applications for the 2013-14 school year and is filling quickly.  To learn more, please browse our website or call at 912-509-0540.


  1. This is so exciting and affirms the vision God gave a great group of people. All the best!

  2. Marcia H. Welch says:

    What a testimony of faith and perserverance! To God be the Glory as he continues to do great things! Marcia Welch

  3. What a testimony of faith and perserverance! To God be the Glory as He is doing great things! Marcia Welch

  4. Anne Ellis Horne says:

    The Habersham School has truly been blessed from inception. The purchase of the beautiful Gould Cottage is just another leap of faith for this wonderfully dedicated school. Thank you for all you do for the children who attend the Habersham School.

  5. Craig Pope says:

    Welcome to the Neighborhood! As a homeowner on 55th St and a parent of two small children, I frequently visit Hull Park, and look forward to seeing Gould Cottage restored to meaningful use. The attention to the aesthetic appeal of the building will certainly also be greatly appreciated by the community. Best!

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