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House T-Shirt Day

Hello Parents,

I’m Ken Vaughn (Colonel Ken) your new Director of Campus Initiatives and also your new point of contact for the House System here at Habersham. In an effort to generate some excitement with regard to that program, we have designated this coming Friday the 25th as House Tee Shirt Day and as such all students at both campuses may wear their house shirts (or a shirt of similar color if they do not yet have one) in lieu of the normal school uniform. Please do not go out and buy a shirt if you do not have one, as this is the first go-round and there will be lots of other chances to dress out. If your child can dress out, they may wear khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, or skirts) or Habersham PE bottoms. If your child cannot participate, then the standard uniform guidelines remain in effect. All students are to bring their lunches as is normal, but grades 6-12 at Gould will have lunch outdoors at Hull Park in a sort of brown-bag picnic where we can enjoy some pretty weather and fellowship together. The purpose of this day is to generate some excitement and visibility, to allow your children to associate with their housemates, and to allow them to meet me and to get to know their house leadership better, and us them. I look forward to working with your children and helping them become leaders within the Habersham family.

Ken Vaughn (Colonel Ken)
Director of Campus Initiatives
The Habersham School

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