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Patriot Basketball Soars!

The Patriots and Lady Patriots took the court again tonight playing harder than ever. Their teamwork and perseverance was remarkable! The heart shown on the court left all the spectators awestruck. Coach O’Neal had the following to say about the Patriots:
“Tonight our team played hard both JV and Varsity games.  We talked about successful and unsuccessful quarters and tonight we felt that we played seven successful quarters of basketball and one unsuccessful.  We gauge it on several factors and keep statistics on these factors, but they are underlying to playing with an all out effort and having a great team attitude.  Those are things that our players can control and every time they step onto the court we want those to be constant.
The stats that we keep during the game are telling us if we are playing in the way that we would like.  Our goals for the varsity game tonight were as follows: 25 rebounds, 10 steals, 8 deflections, and 3 charges.  All of these stats are telling because all of them deal with effort.  Tonight we got 40 rebounds for the game.  That was 15 more than our goal.  We had 18 steals, which was 8 more than our goal. We also had 15 deflections and 5 charges which were both over our goals.
We feel that we want to improve every time we step on the floor.  Tonight we met and exceeded our goals.   The older players are starting to take responsibility and teach the younger players. We are witnessing the birth of a program of excellence.  I am so proud of them and watching them build this daily.  I am blessed,  all of us that have seen this team play are blessed. “
The next game is Thursday night as they play Bible Baptist:
JV Boys: 4:00 pm
JV Girls: 5:00 pm
Varsity Boys: 6:00 pm
Come and help us pack the gym!

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