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Diligence & Perseverance

What a huge week for the Habersham Patriots’ Basketball Teams!  Six games for the boys and three games for the girls. Time to rest, relax, and enjoy the weekend. In the last two matchups of the week, we played Coastal Homeschool Hurricanes.  Both JV and Varsity teams are big, strong, and fast.  They provide matchup nightmares for us because they had several big players.  What we witnessed in each of the games was pure heart from the Patriots.  ALL of the goals were met and we played extremely hard.  We frustrated the bigger and more talented Hurricanes and made them make many turnovers throughout the game.  Our superb conditioning keeps paying off dividends for us as we are able to take advantage of a tired team late in the game.  The tired team makes more mental errors and that is exactly what we pushed them into.

At the end of the night in the locker room I told our team the story of Sea Biscuit.  I told them he was a small horse that no one thought could become a great racehorse.  Sea Biscuit was a horse that was full of heart and courage.  In the race of the century, Sea Biscuit was challenged by the owner of a Stallion that was winning big races in the West.  This Stallion stood over 40 hands high, while Sea Biscuit was only 25 hands high.  The owner of the great Stallion said he was too small, not athletic enough and did not possess the qualities to become a great race horse like his stallion.

The day of the race came, the Stallion came onto the track first.  Wow, what a racehorse.  Muscular, big, strong, fast, athletic, and ready to run.  The unassuming Sea Biscuit followed him in. He looked small, unskilled, and not muscular and did not look fast at all.  People in the stands were changing their bets because this looked like an absolute blow out.

The horses lined up and the gun sounded.  The Stallion exploded out of the gates and gained a lead on Sea Biscuit.  They hit the first turn and the Stallion looked like he was pulling away.  He looked great, big, strong, and fast.  On the backside the lead looked almost insurmountable, then on the outside turn it looked like Sea Biscuit was gaining.  By the inside turn, Sea Biscuit had made up much of the distance.  As they came down the straight at the last turn, Sea Biscuit caught him.  The horses were giving all they could; then something amazing happened.  The horses looked as if they looked at each other, and Sea Biscuit started to take the lead.  He ended up winning by a great margin. What happened to this great Stallion horse?  I believe he saw the heart of a champion and realized what that looked like and knew he did not have it.

Our team is very much like this, we are going into the first turn of this race against bigger, stronger, faster teams, but the backstretch is coming.  The writing is on the wall.   Habersham Basketball is here and making a big splash in Savannah.  I heard a great phrase from a friend and great supporter of our program.  She said “They play like God is watching and that is what makes them so special.”  That is the greatest compliment we can have.  We appreciate all of your support. Have a great weekend.

Go Patriots!

Coach O’Neal

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  1. Marcia Welch says:

    What a pleasure and honor to be a Patriot fan! Marcia Welch

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