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Senior Legacy being built at Habersham

As the second semester is fully underway, we turn our attention to our seniors, followed shortly by consideration for sophomores and juniors. As we prep for counseling our sophomores on prepping for college (where to start, what is needed, what classes do they need, and the list goes on), we are also on the same journey with our juniors along with the class ring saga (what designs, who to order from, when to celebrate, how to present the rings, the decisions are endless). Then our attention turns to the three seniors who will graduate in a few short months. Actually we began the work with these seniors in August prepping them for what classes they needed to finish their high school careers. Then in November, our prepared seniors began to visit colleges and apply to universities all over the southeast. It was our seniors pushing us to complete reports and turn in recommendations and transcripts. It was not us pushing the seniors to begin the search. What makes classical education different? Just this, the student is prepared and pushes their leaders. They become like their instructors. They do not settle! They have learned to think for themselves, they have learned how to learn, and they have been taught where to find any information they need.

Here is a sneak peek at where Habersham Seniors have applied and have been accepted:

  • Harry Tull has been accepted to Georgia Tech, Florida Institute of Technology (he also received a $21,000 per year scholarship) and is awaiting word from Washington & Lee, Rensselaer, and Duke.
  • Caleb Meyers has been accepted to Covenant College
  • Quinn Bodie has been accepted to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Shorter University, Berry College and is awaiting a decision from Young Harris University

As we grow at The Habersham School, how are we preparing to walk through this process even more smoothly with each Rhetoric student? We are utilizing the amazing talents found within our Faculty. Mrs. Leslie Waller, an experienced teacher, administrator, and mother of two graduates from Country Day School, will join our college planning team. Leslie will focus primarily on scholarships, and the counseling aspect, working with students and college representatives. Robb Dickerson, Dean of Rhetoric School, will handle the transcripts and course counseling. Angie Copetillo, Head of School, will assist with course counseling and will focus on working with seniors through the college essay and interview process. We trust our growing number of rhetoric school students will be well served through the college admissions process.

We must look ahead; there is only a slim opportunity to look back at where we have come from and to learn through it. God is blessing Habersham, its faculty, students, and the families in a mighty way. We are excited to see what the future holds!


  1. Christina Meyers says:

    Julie, Update for Caleb. He was accepted to Georgia College and Reformation Bible College. He will attend RBC! Woo Hoo We are thrilled and grateful for the great high school years of education he received!

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