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A Masterpiece In The Making

By Jared Seff



Creation is always in a state of journeying, constantly moving towards the Creator. As artists and human beings made in His image, we are invited to participate in this journey. We do so by “re-creating” or reflecting the glory of our Creator through works of beauty. It is for this underlying fact that everything we aspire to do in Habersham’s Visual Arts Program is a work in progress.










The art-room itself at Gould Cottage’s Carriage House is slowly being transformed into a work of art. Every day, grammar school students assist in adding another word to the walls for our studio mural. The slowly unfolding mural is a prayer asking for inspiration. We say it in Latin and English at the beginning of every class to allow the Holy Spirit to fill the studio, carrying us, and our efforts toward Him. Calligraphy is a foundational way of approaching the nature of visual art, while reflecting a fundamental truth of Christian doctrine – the Word made flesh.

Visual Art: PreK-3
In Pre-K through 3rd grades Mrs. Phillips is working closely with homeroom teachers to bridge the in-class material with that of design. Every project touches on an element or principle of design while reinforcing the history lessons and/or art cards covered in class. Check out the Mexican Pottery Mrs. Cornell’s 3rd graders have created on the large table in the lobby!  













Visual Art: The Logic School

In The Logic School, artists are working on a toned surface with chalk and charcoal. Students are developing a linear drawing of the human skeleton from life. The result is a highly detailed work of art that is line dominant and represents weeks of focused study.

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Visual Art: The Rhetoric School

At Habersham Hall, Rhetoric students are enjoying some fresh air. Every day art students venture into the beautiful courtyard to visually record the former cellblocks. Through a series of perspective studies taken from a variety of different vantage points, our students are able to capture the corroding brick walls, the deteriorating iron bars, and the looming tower.

In the midst of all of these the works in progress students are developing habits of observation, reflection, and attention while “re-creating” beauty. Through the journey, each work is a masterpiece in the making.

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