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Pumpkins. Disney Lights. And Trolleys. Oh My.

By: Angie Copetillo



Have you not felt the crisp fall air yet?

I know. Me neither. Sure, we ended the 500-day streak of temps in the 90s, but pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and Christmas trees at Walmart? Is it really that time yet?

No matter how much you love pumpkin-flavored everything, you know it simply isn’t time yet. Retailers are no longer reliable barometers for determining seasons. Ever pining for that crisp fall air though, how do we know when it’s coming? It’s not The Weather Channel, as much as I love that Mike Bettes actually graced the streets of Savannah recently. No. It’s one word.


Every October, illumination arrives. Always a bit sneakily at the start of the year. But never with a false sense of hope. The evening delivers. The cool crisp air. The magic of the Disney-esque lights. The sweet time among friends. The trolleys escorting us like royalty to the fairy-tale land. The expertly-clad ladies and gents offering delectable hors-d’oeuvres. The excitement of bidding. The oysters. The music. The auction.

So here is what you must do. Three easy steps.

Buy a ticket. It’s just one of the things you gotta do. There is food and drink and music. No ticket and you miss out. We have sold an unprecedented number of tables already. That’s other folks. Folks who want to come to our ball. Patriots. We want Patriots at the ball. The slippers and stagecoach await. Come on and make plans now. History tells us most of you will wait to purchase until Friday at midnight. That gives sweet Elizabeth night convulsions. Let’s offer her a good night’s sleep on Thursday. Buy your ticket one day early – Thursday. For the over-achievers, buy today.

House Baskets. These have been some of the crowning jewels the last two years. And students love to see their baskets filled and selling well to support their school. They take this sense of pride. Let’s let our seniors focus on applying to college, winning volleyball, and writing senior thesis projects right now. Bring in items to make sure your House’s basket isn’t the lame duck. Or, since it isn’t a contest, make sure none of the House baskets are lame ducks. No lame ducks.

Every year, I cannot wait to see the new items. And the mobile bidding. I love that part! I start early so that for a few moments I feel like I might win something significant and exciting (or simple and satisfying). We need both – significant and exciting and simple and satisfying – we just need variety. So think creatively. Who do you know? Who can you ask? Think about your favorite places. Places you frequent are often happy to give to a good cause. After our most successful event ever last year, we have big shoes to fill. Help us fill them!

So, three easy steps. Ticket. Check. Basket. Check. Big shoes. Check. Can’t wait to see you there for the best evening of the year.

Post Tenebras Lux: After darkness, Light. Old friends and new. No one throws a better celebration, for there is much to celebrate. Thank you for joining us in our mission.

I’ll see you Oct. 20th knowing my pumpkin is for real, for fall has arrived.


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