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Feast Day 2016

We all have that college football team we avidly cheer for every Saturday, the tv series that grips our hearts in unspeakable ways, or the family holiday tradition that is so special it sends shivers down our spines. Much like these few examples of qualities that shape and mold us, there is no doubt that Habersham students proudly claim their respective Houses as part of their identity. It’s rare to see an entire student body unified and dedicated towards a common goal, but the excitement, pride, and joy that flowed from our Habersham family last Tuesday solidifies the fact that we are so much more than just a school. From our selfless parents who cheerfully served lunch and organized props, to our faculty and staff who encouraged and supported our students in their performances, to our students who joyfully sought ways to serve others and glorify God through their work, Feast Day was truly a celebration of our Patriot Community.

As always, with the incredulous work and team effort of our students, the fearless judges faced a tough job ahead of them…Based on the categories of Theme Concept, Theme Presentation, Theme Creativity, and Rhetoric Presentation, the Feast Day results are:

4th Place- Madison, Holi Festival
3rd Place- Lafayette, Bastille Day
2nd Place- Washington, Ancient Egypt
1st Place- Pulaski, Carnival of Venice

Here are a few comments from our judges about the beautiful displays and presentations:
Perfect choice of theme! It related excellently to Lafayette’s namesake. The personality of Lafayette really shined and the “snapshots” of French history were so creative and clever!
Excellent dance! I loved the integration of all age groups. The choreography and music choice felt authentic. Nice relating of positive elements of Hinduism to Christianity.
Great choice for concept! I appreciated the connection to The Habersham School’s heritage and the heritage of Feast Day. The dance and vendors were so captivating and engaging. 
They truly recreated an Egyptian bazaar. The fresh fish was brilliant. Amazing sensory experience as we entered the market. All students were committed and energetic in their portrayal of their characters.

The judges awarded a ‘Best in Show’ recognition to the House of Washington for an extra 50 points to be added to their Overall House Points!

House Leaders also nominated Margot Tucker, Prefect of the House of Pulaski, for a House Leadership award in recognition of her hard work, dedication, and selfless leadership in preparation for Feast Day. The House of Pulaski will receive 25 points towards their Overall House Points!

Current House Points Standings:
Lafayette: 310
Madison: 235
Pulaski: 385
Washington: 355

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