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Alumni Spotlight | Jack Gibney ’16 | Georgia Tech


Why did you choose Georgia Tech? 

When I was looking at colleges junior year, I was not as focused on the size of the school or athletics as I was academics. I knew I wanted to pursue a business degree, and a school with a renowned business school was a priority for me. Tech had both: strong academics, and a reputable business school. Even better, it is in Atlanta and being in a big city was an added bonus – there are always events happening in Midtown Atlanta so you are never bored. Atlanta has so many opportunities and going to school right in the heart of it, as a business major at a top business school was an opportunity I could not pass up.

What is your major? 

As I mentioned, I am a business major; my concentration, however, is undeclared. As a business major at Georgia Tech, you graduate with a BSBA (bachelors of science in business administration) – in a sense it is a liberal arts degree of the business school. As general requirements, the degree has you take introductory classes in accounting, finance, information technology (IT), leading and managing human capital (similar to general management and HR), operations and supply chain management, and marketing. The purpose of the requirement is so that students may receive a broader understanding of the different business fields and determine which concentration (the six fields I just listed) they will focus on. As for me, I am currently leaning toward a concentration in finance with an interest in pursuing investing or consulting and getting a certificate (similar to a minor) in business law.

What is your favorite part about being a Yellow Jacket?

My favorite part of being a Yellow Jacket is experiencing the diverse community of students who are all devoted to their work. It is truly a place where inventive and dedicated people come together to help each other in pursuing their career goals. There are so many opportunities available to us by being at Tech and living in Atlanta that the rigorous course work does not seem as bad because you know that your hard work now will pay off soon.

What is your favorite class and why? 

My favorite class that I am currently taking would be CS1301 which is an introductory computer programming class. You learn the programming language Python. It is very rigorous and fast paced, but I really enjoy it. I have never coded before, but I have come a long way and learned so much in this class. Coding is very analytical and in a sense is like solving a puzzle. My favorite part is data analytics because it is a real world application to the material we are learning and is practical in the business world.

How did your education at Habersham prepare you for college at Georgia Tech?

Mr. Manley’s Science and Religion class is one of the classes that I am very thankful I took as it helped prepare me for college. Not only is Mr. Manley a great teacher, but the material in that class is something that all kids should know. Being able to defend your faith, as well as write well and think critically in an academic and scientific style is a skill that is needed not only in college, but in the workplace, and Mr. Manley helped me develop that skill. Similarly, the “dreaded” Senior Thesis class is one I am thankful for. Everyone should write a lengthy research paper before graduating because it a necessary skill in college. I just recently wrote a research paper similar to Senior Thesis this semester, however, it was 10 pages long, I had to give a powerpoint presentation on my paper, and write an annotated bibliography all in about one month, not all year like Senior Thesis. Writing papers will never go away in college, so Senior Thesis definitely helped prepare me for that.

What advice would you offer to future Habersham graduates?

My biggest advice would be to develop strong time management skills now, as well as to learn how to be diligent in the work you do, no matter what it may be. Similarly, learn to get comfortable with public speaking. It is a necessary and important trait in life that everyone should have. Also, figure out what your passion is, pursue what you love, not what others want you to do, or what makes the most money. If you are doing what you love, and you can make that into a career, then you’ll never go to work a day in your life.

What are you most looking forward to in your upcoming years at Georgia Tech? 

I am most looking forward to taking more business classes next semester and pursing an internship for next summer. I am studying abroad this summer in Metz, France and am excited that is right around the corner.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your first year of college? 

I have strengthened my time management skills and diligence in my work. College is hard and so is being independent. Independence is a big responsibility but it is worth it and I have come to learn over the semester how to balance my social life and course work.

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