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An Evening of Lessons and Carols

“To be human is to inhabit some narrative enchantment of the world.”
– James K.A. Smith, You Are What You Love

If you venture into Gould Cottage or Habersham Hall this week, you might fall under the same enchantment our students are experiencing as they adorn the buildings with glistening ornaments and hand-made snowflakes, while songs of the season echo through the halls. As our school celebrates Advent in preparation for Christmas, we are challenged to tell this story in the context of the Great Story.

Presently, our parents and faculty are working their way through Smith’s recent book, You Are What You Love. In this book, Smith stands on the shoulders of giants in his assertion that our humanity, both individually and communally, is heavily shaped by the stories we tell. Additionally, we cling to stories which inspire us and capture our imagination because they remind us of who and Whose we are. It is for this reason that Smith encourages Christians to immerse themselves in God’s story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. By regularly recalling and rehearsing this Gospel narrative, our hearts and desires are realigned with God’s immovable truth and his vision of flourishing, as opposed to the rival visions that surround us.

At Habersham’s upcoming Evening of Lessons & Carols, it is exactly this Gospel narrative that is being recalled and rehearsed. Over the course of the evening, we will progress through the Bible from Adam & Eve’s creation and fall, the prophecies of a Second Adam, and Mary’s startling news from Gabriel, to Christ’s humble arrival on earth as our redeemer and savior. All present will play an important role in creating this “narrative enchantment of the world” through speaking, singing, or playing musical instruments. We look forward to the Habersham community joining together to tell the glorious and awe-inspiring story of hope that is offered to us this Advent and Christmastide!

–Sharon Mays, Music Teacher, The Habersham School

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