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Habersham Christmas 2017: Service and Festivities


Each year, right before Christmas break, Habersham students of all grades celebrate with Christmas parties to enjoy the festal spirit of the season with their classmates. This is combined with each class participating in various service projects. This is a fantastic reminder to students that the Christmas season is not simply about receiving gifts, but also about emulating Christ by giving them. This year, each grade at Gould Cottage will participate in a different service project, while students at Habersham Hall will be divided by House for their projects.

Gould Cottage: Serving by Grade


Raising money to provide winter coats for orphans in Eastern Ukraine who are housed in a church conference center near Kiev (pictured above). The kindergartners are being challenged to do hard things in order to earn the money themselves, and hopefully taste of the joy of being a cheerful giver. They are able to locate Ukraine on a map and they pray daily for these children. They are also making cards to send along with their monetary donation. 


Sending cards and gift cards to Hope Academy, a local organization that helps refugee women learn practical and necessary skills (such as navigating American grocery stores) as well as providing ESL classes for women and their families. 

7th Grade:

Working with Fields of Life (World Vision) to bring about positive change through provision. These students are working toward an ambitious goal of raising $3,000 to purchase a hand-drilled well for a community in East Africa. This well will provide clean water for a needy community of up to 300 people!

1st Grade:

Looking after local children in need this Christmas by donating books and hand-written Christmas cards to the children at Dwaine and Cynthia Willett’s Children’s Hospital at Memorial Medical Center. 

5th Grade:

Traveling to Summer Breeze, a retirement home on Wilmington Island. The kids are making cards, writing letters, and praying for the residents prior to the trip.  When they arrive, they will share what they made, and read Christmas books to the residents of the retirement home.  They will also be joined by Lizzie, the comfort dog they learned about as a class.

2nd Grade:

Serving with a community Christmas service project for the Union Mission in downtown Savannah. They are collecting much-needed warm winter socks for men, women, and children, to be delivered to the Union Mission December 20th. They also are making Christmas cards to send to Gabby Kennard’s father, who is currently serving overseas with his Unit.

3rd and 4th Grade:

Filling care packages with toiletries and snacks for the homeless, which can be quickly handed out and meet immediate needs.  These two grades will also be caroling at a nearby nursing home.

6th Grade:

Doing service projects in the neighborhood around Gould Cottage, as well as assembling bags of toiletries and other needed items for the CURE Foundation, which will be handed out to cancer patients during hospital stays.


Upper School: Serving by Houses

House of Pulaski

Volunteering to do yardwork in the Ardsley Park area around Gould Cottage as a way to minister to those in the neighborhood.  

House of Lafayette

Making cards and cookies to share with the residents of nearby Rose of Sharon Apartments, a nursing home on Habersham Street.

House of Washington

Making cookies to take to the police and fire stations right around the corner from Habersham Hall.

House of Madison

Packing and preparing hospital-necessities bags to donate to The Cure It Foundation, an organization that provides funding for childhood cancer research and support for children diagnosed with cancer.

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