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Since our foundation in 2012, we have partnered with parents to educate children not simply to one day gain admittance to the best college, but to equip them for life, helping them discover who God made them to be. We work continually to restore the humanity of each child entrusted to us, as God works to restore his creation.

The Habersham vision is based on the time-honored tradition of Classical education, where students are taught to question, to investigate, and to dialogue, combined with an unapologetic commitment to the truth of Christ. Habersham emphasizes the great works of literature, the great discoveries of math and science, and the great ideas and figures of Western civilization, combined with a disciplined study of classical languages, thereby training students how to learn so they retain their love of learning.

Truth: A Christ-Centered Perspective
As Christ is the Truth, all education rightly leads to knowledge of him. All knowledge is made complete only when seen and understood in relation to the eternal glory of the triune God. So, more than a Bible class at the end of a school day, Habersham is committed to exalting Christ as the One by Whom, through Whom, and for Whom all creation exists.

The penultimate goal of a liberal-arts education is an independent learner, a person trained in the arts of learning who is thereby liberated from the necessity to depend on others to determine what is true and what is false. But the ultimate goal of such an education is to know and practice the truth itself.
– Jeffrey Herbener, Grove City College

Scholarship: The Classical Tradition
To many, classical education may conjure images of ancient Greece with Plato amongst his students in a toga. While it is true that classical education was birthed in the ancient world at the feet of Socrates and later Plato, that same model grew into the “liberal arts” curriculum of Western Civilization and has resurfaced as a thriving tradition.

The Habersham School aims to capitalize on this liberal arts tradition by giving students the classical tools for both intellectual development and for understanding their Christian heritage. We teach students how to learn. This model provides a sequence of content and skills that uniquely mesh with a student’s natural ability to absorb facts, to analyze concepts, and to express themselves as they formulate knowledge with understanding.

For further perspective on the Christian approach to classical, liberal arts education, enjoy this blog post: Classical and Creedal.

Family: Tying It All Together
We believe the family is a cherished institution, graciously given us by God as central to His design for producing healthy, God-adoring human society. He has specifically entrusted parents with the responsibility over the education their children. (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Ephesians 6:4). Therefore, Habersham is established to operate as an extension of the family to cooperatively and professionally assist parents to carry out their God-given educational duty (in loco parentis – in the place of the parent). We work in partnership together.

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