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Questions to Ask/Consider on a College Visit

  • How big are the classes? General education class size?
  • How easy is it to meet with faculty?
  • What financial aid and scholarships are available?
  • Where do most freshmen live? Do they stay on campus on weekends?
  • Do all freshmen have academic advisors? Can you describe the advisement process?
  • Discover academic program specifics – what year does it start? Can students take classes within their intended majors as freshmen?
  • What activities and organizations are on campus? What percent of the student body is in the Greek system?
  • Who teaches the courses for first year students?
  • How successful are graduates in finding jobs?
  • What academic support services are available? Is there a Writing Center?
  • Is there an effective freshmen orientation? How are students supported during the transition to college?
  • How are students supported when seeking job/career placement within their majors?
  • How many students graduate in 4 traditional years?
  • What are the opportunities for study abroad, apprenticeships, language houses, research, etc.?
  • Must students live on campus? How many years?
  • Which technology systems and services are available?
  • Which campus ministries are available?
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