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Admissions Overview

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At The Habersham School we believe excellence in education begins when we share a common educational philosophy with families and cooperate both in goals and in methods. This is why we attempt to give prospective parents a full understanding of who we are, what we believe, and what we do. Our admissions process is designed to evaluate the whole child. We attempt to balance the needs of the student with the needs of the school and class to make sure we can serve the student well. We will consider each student’s academic potential, scholastic motivation, character, and extra-curricular interests.


As part of our intentional admissions process and the cultivation of a classical, Christian ethos, students will be tested and all families will be interviewed. Parents apply on behalf of their children by completing the following:

Step 1: Get to Know Habersham

Familiarize yourself with the mission, core values, and educational philosophy of Habersham.

Step 2: Attend an Informational Meeting

We invite you to attend an Open House or to schedule a personal tour, Patriot Preview where we can answer your questions.

Step 3: Complete online application. 

Step 4: Schedule Student Testing. All testing is administered by appointment. 

Grades PK3-2nd – In house assessment. $100 testing fee will be processed through online application process.

Grades 3rd-12th – Standardized admissions test through ERB. ~$100 fee is payable to ERB upon registration.  

Step 5: Attend Parent Interview

After all application materials have been received and following testing, we will contact families to schedule a parent interview. Students applying for grades 7-12 will also be interviewed. We recommend both parents to be familiarized with Classical Christian Education. We recommend reading “Wisdom and Eloquence” by Littlejohn and Evans.

Step 6: Enrollment Decisions

After interviews have been completed, the Admissions Committee will render decisions.

First Round Admissions: Months of December and January

All new families applying by January will be notified of admissions decisions no later than February considering the admissions process has been completed. In cases where students are accepted but the class is full, students will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified when/if an opening becomes available.

Second Round Admissions: Month of February

All new families applying by February will be notified of admissions decisions by March considering the admissions process has been completed. 

Applications received after March 1st will be considered in the order in which they are received for any classes with openings. All others will be considered for the waiting list.

Step 7: Confirmation and Payment

Upon acceptance, complete and submit the appropriate enrollment paperwork along with the Tuition Deposit within seven days of acceptance. The Tuition Deposit is a non-refundable payment deducted from your tuition balance. This counts towards tuition. It is not an additional payment. All tuition payments are handled through the online FACTS Tuition Management system, therefore a FACTS account is required for enrollment. If placed on a waiting list, the tuition deposit is due within seven days of notification of an opening.

Enrollment is finalized upon completion and submission of the following . . .  

All enrollment paperwork

Tuition Deposit

Finalized payment plan through the online FACTS Tuition Management system. 

If making tuition payment arrangements, tuition deductions begin in June.

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