Beauty. Goodness. Truth.

Where goodness and truth exist, there you will find beauty.


The Habersham School values the arts as a tangible and meaningful reflection of who God is and what it means to be human. Because God is the Creator, to restore God’s image in students is to cultivate students’ imagination and creativity. Through the Fine Arts offerings of Visual Art, Music, and Drama, students develop bodily coordination and skill, while joining body and soul to distinguish and articulate the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Visual Arts

The visual arts are meant to lead students to a more acute perception and articulation of truth, goodness, and beauty in the created order. Taught from the classical perspective, visual arts classes at the Habersham School emphasize both conceptual drawing from the imagination and observational drawing from nature, while also incorporating the study of historical masterpieces. Students put on two art shows each year, with a gallery open to the public and an art show awarding works that especially stand out to local judges. Habersham visual arts students also compete in local and regional competitions and have opportunities to attend local art museums.


Music education at the Habersham School offers students the opportunity to experience musical phrasing and pulse through movement, to hone their singing skills, to learn how music is constructed through composing, and to develop poise and confidence in public through performing. Habersham’s music curriculum weaves together creative expression with critical thinking and reasoning skills, giving students a robust and varied insight into the study of music.

Performing Arts

Through the Performing Arts, students communicate with their entire being a variety of emotions and viewpoints within the human experience. Foundations of vocal, facial, and gestural expression serve as a starting point as students empathetically immerse themselves into the feelings and minds of others. In the fall and spring, The Habersham School hosts a production of a master work, play, or musical. Classical Ballet is a required course for all girls in Pre-K – 4th grades. Ballet has great physical benefits as well as significant historical value. Students learn technique as well as philosophy, terminology, and history. In addition, students’ minds are enriched through thorough examination of the accompanying musical composition. Each year culminates in a Spring Ballet performance at the historic Savannah Theatre.

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