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3rd grade ballet field trip

The campus community embraces many varying student talents and interests.  Since the founding of the school, parents and families have shared a sense of commitment to expose, teach, and grow from the arts, athletics and relationships.   It is not unusual to find a basketball player involved on the drama set or a math/science scholar entering a drawing in a visual arts contest.

As a K3-12 campus, we are enriched by the formal and informal activities and role modeling between younger and older students.   Parents of younger children also benefit from the support system of older parents who encourage and guide them through the education process.  Dads are needed at Habersham to help when they are available for field trips, classrooms activities, science projects, making repairs, assist in the classrooms, aid with carpool, etc. Mothers are found in the classroom, in our growing library space, helping in the cafeteria, and in the background supporting every activity of the school.  Even grandparents are needed to volunteer their time greeting visitors, reading to the children, helping in the classrooms, assisting with hot lunch, or behind the scenes. We encourage all families to join the Patriot Parent Organization and reap the benefits of community.

Our community of families extends beyond the classroom and we all benefit from the common values and interests we share for our children.


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