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The Fine Arts play such a crucial role in our mission and vision as a school. We desire that every student be exposed to these subjects in order to help them become well-rounded men and women as they grow and develop. Students are taught to understand the arts as they relate to other core subjects and to engage in their studies as primary methods of cultural communication. These courses are called “co-curricular” classes (versus “extra-curricular” classes). For example, music is taught as a language with its own grammar, vocabulary, and method of reading and writing. By assisting students to view music in this way, it is not simply a means of creating something beautiful but also a way of exploring what is good and true.

This takes place in 4 main areas: General Music Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and The Conservatory.

With the growth and development of the school, we look forward to increased opportunities in all of these areas as we strive to shape well-rounded students  and invest in Savannah that which is in fact good, beautiful, and true.

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