We all know this smile. For many of us, former Head of School, Mrs. Angie Copetillo was one of the first people you met when you joined Habersham. She could often be found in her office, either at Gould Cottage or Habersham Hall, late into the evening working away in an effort to build this newfound school, one that was only a vision less than a decade ago. If you’ve met Mrs. Copetillo, you have no doubt experienced her passion and zeal for Classical Christian education and The Habersham School. Her relentless drive enabled the school to quickly flourish and has thereby cemented Habersham, a robust full-day Classical Christian education, as a part of the educational landscape in her hometown, Savannah, GA. Mrs. Copetillo will retain the title Head of School Emeritus and will be dearly missed as she moves on to the next season of life!


2014 House Induction


“My time at Habersham will always be a cherished season of my life,” said Mrs. Copetillo. “I will forever stand amazed that this vision came to life in the city I love and that so many of you believe in what we began almost nine years ago. How utterly and forever humbling.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, and so it is no surprise to me that God now calls me on. I stayed longer than I thought I would! Rich and I are eager to slow down, to experience some solitude, and to set in motion this adventure we have been planning for so long. My husband is retiring, as I retire from school life, and we will spend the next year or more traveling while home-schooling Abby Grace and enjoying the flexibility to visit our grown boys and extensive family across the country. We hope to settle somewhere in the Southwest, where we both have close family. What a special next season this will be for us.


2015 Christmas Program


Of course, transitions are bittersweet. I will miss so many of you. We truly have the finest, most caring, and most dedicated teachers and staff I have ever known. And what an amazing team of leaders I leave with you: Chaston, Jacquie, Lauren, Louise, Max, Chase. You are all so dear to me. Thank you in advance for the work you will carry on.

And let me not forget this extraordinary group of seniors – the last class I taught my series of logic classes. Don’t ever forget why you get to go to Parker’s (a had-to-be-there moment with a strong logic lesson and lots of love intertwined.) And listen well to Mr. Beaumont this year. He has much wisdom to impart that you should take with you.


2016 Commencement


To our families, I hope and pray you will continue to embrace the beautiful ideas of a classical, Charlotte Mason education. During this daunting day and age, grasping the fruitfulness of these ideas set firmly in who we are and who our children are in Christ, is more paramount than ever. Thank you for this time at Habersham. I learned so much. What an honor it has been.”

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A Few Thank You’s

Chip Welch | President
“Just over 8 years ago The Habersham School launched in Savannah, GA as a K-12 full-day classical Christian school. With a heart to make a lasting impact on their own children and the greater Savannah community through education, 8 families stepped out in faith. Soon after, they were joined and assisted by Angie Copetillo. Through tireless work and a deep conviction that a classical Christian education really is “education in its purest form”, Mrs. Copetillo has been deeply instrumental in building The Habersham School into a viable schooling option for families throughout our community. And yet, as is sometimes the case, Mrs. Copetillo has sensed the Lord leading her in a new direction during this next season of life. With a growing sense of call to put aside the long hours and never-ending demands of building a school, she is now excited to invest this next year of her life in travel, downtime with family, and seeing where the Lord leads next. We are thankful to Angie and her family for there vision, work, and commitment to building The Habersham School and pray for God’s Grace to go before them as they venture into new waters.”

Lauren Key | Director of Admissions
“When I first interviewed at Habersham eight years ago I was so nervous to meet with Angie Copetillo. But as soon as I sat down in her office I knew I had nothing to worry about. She hired me that day to start the ballet program at The Habersham School and I was thrilled to be brought on board. Over the past eight years, she has mentored me, trained me, and invested in me as a leader and administrator at the school. It was her confidence in me and mentorship that encouraged me to push myself professionally in ways that I never dreamed possible. But besides our professional relationship., She became a true friend. I will miss seeing her face around the halls at school but I am so excited to see what God has in store for her and her family in the coming years!”

Max Belz | Dean of Families & Students
“I’m thankful for Angie’s vision from the early days to help build a place like The Habersham School. Her love for good books, the arts, and worship were evident to me as I’ve gotten to know the THS community this past year. I’m grateful for what I learned from her and wish her the best in the days ahead.”

Chase McGarity | Athletic Director
“Angie has been the driver of Habersham culture. Her character and her seemingly limitless capacity to care are imprinted in so much of Habersham culture. She is an amazing person work for. Angie always made me feel heard, encouraged, and empowered to do what I thought was best for our school.”

Louise Mehl | Gould Cottage Office Coordinator
“I have learned so much from serving alongside Angie for the past 5 years at Habersham. Her love for learning and knowledge of education has inspired me to a deeper investment in classical education as a school employee, but more importantly as a parent.”

Chaston Hart | Director of Marketing & Technology
“What would Habersham be without Mrs. Copetillo? I have never seen someone so driven and full of passion, determined to see her dream become reality. Angie, Habersham is a better place because of YOU. Thank you so much for your work, your care, your vision and your example as a leader. It has meant the world to me.”

Jared Seff | Visual Arts Chair
“I first met Angie while I was still an undergrad completing my bachelor’s at SCAD. I was a young, single, scruffy guy with a man bun, had little teaching experience, and was not yet a baptized Christian. Though I still have the man bun, I am now a devout believer in Christ, an experienced teacher of nearly ten years in what I believe to be the greatest art program at the best school around, and an expecting father. Angie not only believed in me, but also inspired me to become the best version of myself, and ultimately the person I am today. I am so grateful to her for that and in having the opportunity to have worked beside her for so many wonderful years. “

Want to offer a parting word? Email Mrs. Copetillo at acopetillo@thehabershamschool.org!

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