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General Music Education


As a Classical School of learning, we uphold the ideal that music education is an important part of developing a well-rounded student and is for all children, not just the musically gifted. In this, all children can learn to better listen to and critique music as more informed listeners, to better feel and experience musical phrasing and pulse through movement, to make music individually and in ensemble through honing their singing skills, to learn how music is constructed and formed through composing, and to learn poise and confidence in public through performing. Each of these “active ‘ings'” -listening, moving, singing, composing, and performing- inform one another in the students’ experience of music making and form a symbiotic relationship within a spiral curriculum of General Music Education for the learner.

As all of the activities involved in the General Music Education experience employ both hemispheres of the human brain as well as significant crossover between both the left and right sides of the brain, most students experience an increase in reasoning skills, problem solving, creative thinking, as well as in test scores through year-round General Music Education.


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