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Our Culture

In its simplest form, the culture of a place might seem secondary. However, we view culture as the soul of the school. Culture is also inevitable. We can create it intentionally through prayer and action in every aspect of the school as we grow. Or, it can be created for us, often without realization, through lack of intentionality.

At The Habersham School, we prayerfully and intentionally create our school culture. It is the fundamental character and spirit of our group – the underlying sentiment of everything we do. What this means is that our entire ethos is Christ-centered, classical, and family-focused. Thus, we seek to cultivate an enduring love of learning together with a commitment to serve others, and a dedication to the pursuit of truth, moral goodness, and aesthetic beauty. From music, to science, to Latin, to art, to PE, every pursuit is approached with an intentionality designed to live with purpose and passion.







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