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In 2012, a group of committed families initiated the founding of The Habersham School, seeking a rigorous, Christ-centered classical academic program that served the city of Savannah and its neighboring communities, while also taking seriously a commitment to the arts and athletics.

These families brought on board seasoned classical school developers, Mr. Chip Welch and Mrs. Angie Copetillo. In early 2012, a Board of Trustees was developed, with the goal of opening in August with approximately 30 students in a small midtown church. After opening registration, new applications continued, creating the need for a new facility. Habersham opened its doors in the fall of 2012 at Grace Church of the Islands with 72 students.

The Board quickly embarked on a strategic plan. With 100% re-enrollment in January 2013 and having exhausted all space at Grace Church, the Board took interest in a property that had previously been on the market. Through visionary leadership, and generous Board and family giving, in the spring of 2013, Habersham purchased the historic Tudor mansion known as Gould Cottage at 505 E. 54th St. in Ardsley Park. With this purchase, 2013-14 enrollment again far surpassed expectations.

In the summer of 2014, while managing growth to more steady levels but with no more space at Gould Cottage, the Board embarked on Stage 2 development. The second floor attic space was renovated for classrooms while two additional new classrooms were added on the second story level as well, primarily to accommodate growth in The Logic School (grades 6-8). Meanwhile, the growing Rhetoric School (grades 9-12) was moved to Savannah’s Habersham Hall.

The Habersham School now serves more than 235 students at both locations, and the Board is actively researching the best options for accommodating future growth.


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