Since our foundation in 2012, we have partnered with parents to educate children not simply to one day gain admittance to the best college, but to equip them for life, helping them discover who God made them to be. We work continually to restore the humanity of each child entrusted to us, as God works to restore his creation. Thus, our mission is partnering with God as His servants in seeking the restoration of His image in our students through education.


The Habersham vision is based on the time-honored tradition of Classical education, where students are taught to question, to investigate, and to dialogue, combined with an unapologetic commitment to the truth of Christ. Habersham emphasizes the great works of literature, the great discoveries of math and science, and the great ideas and figures of Western civilization, combined with a disciplined study of classical languages, thereby training students how to learn so they retain their love of learning.

We recognize the years of school life of children are a humbling opportunity to make a profound impact. Not only are students developing cognitively and physically, but they are forming lifelong spiritual and character habits as well. Their view of the world, their answers to life’s questions, and their view of the good life all take shape during these formative years at school. We seek to mold and shape both academic and spiritual formation in an integrated way. Cultivating a love of learning, equipping students to learn well, and grounding instruction in Christian orthodoxy and devotion.

“A Christian boy or girl can learn mathematics, for example, from a teacher who is not a Christian; and truth is truth however learned. But while truth is truth however learned, the bearing of truth, the meaning of truth, the purpose of truth, even in the sphere of mathematics, seem entirely different to the Christian from that which they seem to the non-Christian; and that is why a truly Christian education is possible only when Christian conviction underlies not a part, but all, of the curriculum of the school.”


Board, Staff & Faculty


Board of Governors

Glenn Burnsed

Rhett Mouchet

Dr. Brad Durham

Dr. Brian Kornblatt

Carol Dusek

Casey Reeves

Jon Maire

Bobby Welch


Chip Welch


Angie Copetillo

Head of School

Patrick Mitchell

Academic Dean

Chaston Hart

Director of Advancement

Lauren Key

Director of Operations

Lindsey Mitchell

Director of Business Operations

Chase McGarity

Athletic Director


2019-20 School Year Faculty coming soon!


Built in 1887, Habersham Hall served as the Chatham County Jail for nearly a century. Recognizable for its Moorish Revival style tower, the building is located in the heart of Savannah’s historic district. The three-story building which originally served as the jailer’s quarters currently houses The Habersham School’s upper school, while the former cell blocks now line a spacious courtyard, which the school uses for chapel, outdoor classes, and other community events.

Gould Cottage, located in the beautiful Ardsley Park neighborhood, was built in the early 1930s by millionaire Edwin “Jay” Gould of New York City and his Gould Foundation for Children to be used as a children’s nursery. The two-story Tudor-style building eventually developed from a nursery into a home for boys and girls in need. After nearly ten years of vacancy, The Habersham School purchased and restored the structure in 2014. The halls of this quaint cottage are once again filled with children, as Gould Cottage now houses Habersham’s lower school.

For the past 90 years, the Jenkins Athletic Club has served the Savannah community by providing a space for athletics and recreation. The JAC’s basketball facilities are home to The Habersham School’s JV and varsity basketball and volleyball teams

Now home to the Savannah Bananas baseball team, Grayson Stadium has welcomed baseball fans into its doors since 1926. The stadium’s rich history includes visits from baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Jackie Robinson, as well as a speech delivered in the stadium by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. Today, the Habersham Patriots are proud to call this historic stadium our home field.

Hull Park was developed in the early twentieth century as a part of the Chatham Crescent neighborhood. The diamond-shaped park offers the neighborhood a playground, baseball field, and outdoor meeting space. Adjacent to Gould Cottage, the park provides a shaded area for outdoor lunches and classes, as well as recreational space for recess and P.E.

The Savannah Theater opened its doors to the public in 1818. Despite significant hardships throughout its first few decades, including fires, changing ownership, and financial strife, the theater became a staple of arts and culture in Savannah. Notable performers such as Oscar Wilde, Lillian Fields, and W.C. Fields have taken the stage at the Savannah Theater.  After a fire in 1948, the theater was redesigned with its notable art deco facade and converted into a movie house. The Savannah Theater graciously partners with The Habersham School to offer a whimsical and dynamic environment for theater productions, summer camps, ballet performances, and recitals.



Early Childhood Teacher

Lower School Humanities Teacher

Upper School Humanities Teacher

How to Apply

1. Please review our website and our school mission.

2. Apply for the desired position.

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3. Send a resume and cover letter to humanresources@thehabershamschool.org

After reviewing your resume and cover letter, we will invite prospective candidates to apply, sending them an official application at that time. Qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview. Please note: We are always in search of exceptional teachers to shepherd our students. Even if there is no specific job that currently matches your background, please feel free to send us your resume with a cover letter.

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