A strong relationship with SCAD continues to bolster the Fine Arts program at The Habersham School, a PreK3-12 private school with two campuses in the heart of Savannah. Jared Seff, a visual arts teacher at Habersham since 2012, has played a vital role in shaping the program, building it from the ground up. In 2013, he completed his BFA in Painting from SCAD and now adds to that an MFA in Illustration, also from SCAD. Habersham’s lower school visual arts teacher, Braelyn Snow, recently completed the same degree. With the addition of Seff, 71% of Habersham’s upper school faculty now hold advanced degrees in their field of study.

“SCAD is at the forefront in the creative fields, working with the likes of Disney, Pixar, and Amazon in equipping students and pioneering the way in terms of art education, innovation, and technology. I look at the art program we have created at Habersham and see ourselves as pioneers as well. I am humbled to have played this role and thank SCAD for equipping me with the tools to do so,” said Seff. “Since going back and receiving my masters, I will be able to build upon those tools, bringing the extensive knowledge of the industry and the skills acquired into Habersham’s visual arts curriculum. Our pedagogical approach reflects that of SCAD’s Foundations department in that our program is rooted in 2D design, life drawing, color theory, sculpture, and more. I am confident that our art students will have the edge needed when seeking their own creative futures – perhaps even getting the opportunity to go to SCAD themselves.”


Habersham’s Dean of Faculty & Academics, Jacquie Miller, offered great praise for Seff, saying “Jared’s work embodies our deepest principles and inspires all of us, teachers and students alike. He has the rare gift of being both an artist of exceptional talent and a teacher whose work bears consistently rich fruit in his students.” SCAD Associate Chair of Illustration, Arden von Haeger, offered further praise adding, “Jared maintained a level of excellence in his work and more importantly, with his behavior while completing both his BFA and MFA in illustration while at SCAD. He continually strived to improve himself and shared his knowledge and passion for art with others; creating collaborative engagement and support with his classmates. We are confident that Jared will accomplish any goal he wishes to pursue, and will positively impact colleagues and students in any creative or educational environment he chooses. Jared Seff exemplifies the quality of artists and individuals that seek creative careers at SCAD, and we are honored that he would choose The Habersham School to continue these endeavors.” 


“Petroleum” Oil on Canvas 54” x 72” for series “Of Grit and Grace.” “This painting represents 3 plus years of graduate school,” said Seff. Interested in purchasing? Email Mr. Seff at jseff@thehabershamschool.org.


The seemingly endless impact that SCAD has made on Savannah and it’s residents is profoundly felt at The Habersham School. Founded in 2012 with the vision to offer a strong liberal arts education to Savannah residents, Habersham experienced rapid growth in its early years such that by 2015, there was not enough room to house its entire student body at its Gould Cottage Campus located in Ardsley Park. “SCAD stepped in in a major way, granting us use of the historic Habersham Hall which has allowed us to really build out our upper school program,” said Habersham President, Chip Welch.



Seff regularly capitalizes on the prime location of his upper school art room. “Habersham Hall puts us right in the heart of the Historic District where we regularly experience the beauty of Savannah and the creative energies of SCAD,” said Seff. “We look out of the art room and see the Gothic spires of the Cathedral from one window, and the red brick of the old Armory (SCAD’s Poetter Hall) out of the other. We walk to SCAD’s campus store, Ex Libris, at the beginning of every trimester to supply our classroom needs. So much of the SCAD experience is just a walk away for our students. The shows, exhibitions, and events SCAD provides to the community, such as Sidewalk Arts and the Sand Arts Festival, have become an integral part of the Habersham art experience. SCAD has provided for this city in so many ways, and I am grateful that a small yet significant one has been its impact on our school – specifically our budding visual arts program.”

“More than just bricks and mortar, SCAD’s investment in Savannah has paid dividends well beyond the historic preservation and economic revitalization of Savannah’s once decrepit Landmark Historic District. Its effects are far-reaching, touching the hearts and minds of Habersham students every single day. We cannot help but to acknowledge SCAD’s impact on our school while celebrating Jared’s accomplishment,” added Habersham’s Director of Marketing, Chaston Hart.

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